If you celebrate 4/20 at 4:20, it's time for a new hobby

So you probably know that today is the National Pot Smoking Holiday here in the US. If you didn’t know it, pat yourself on the back. We’ve got mixed feelings on the drug. Sure you can operate a car when you are high and you aren’t going to go and shoot someone with a handgun or anything; but at the same time it’s pot. You don’t wanna be a pothead, do you?

We remember back in our high school days our classmates would make sure to notify someone every period of the day that it was indeed, 4/20. They wanted everyone to know that it was time to “blow some trees” shortly after the final school bell rang that day. They’d write it on blackboards. They’d draw pictures of their new one hitter bong. They’d skateboard.

Look, we’re not going to lie to you and tell you we’ve never tried it. But unless you’re a sophomore in college who thinks you’re better at Tiger Woods Golf on Playstation 2 when you’re extremely ripped, you probably shouldn’t be smoking that dope. It’s an education, a learning experience that everyone must in life. Why do you like to smoke pot and what would make you not need to smoke it anymore. Some people would read this and say they are going to smoke it forever. Sooner or later, it might catch up to you ya little hemp-haired hippie you.

It all ties in. We owe it to the sport of baseball for why we didn’t smoke more joints in life. Another reason why baseball is the greatest sport on earth. Although it didn’t work for Jeff Weaver.