And on the third day, he sat

Jay Bruce is still out of the lineup. He hopes to play tomorrow in Chicago. This season is already spiraling out of control. Make no mistake about it, when we really get behind a player he absolutely crumbles. We’re sorry, Jay. It’s all our fault.

So the flag will remain at half mass until Jay returns heroically to the lineup. But somehow, we just know in our hearts that this injury will continue to drag on and on and on all season long and just be another thing that derails our boy from being a fucking star.

Wonder why we’re so upset? Well look at that collective bunch of scrubs the Reds send out there tonight and then you’ll know why. Get well soon Jay. Please.

Update per John Fay Twitter: Bruce took about 40 BP swings and looked pretty good. He even hit a couple out. Likely to play tomorrow in Chicago. Best news we’ve had in a while.