Just so you know, Homer: You’re our homeboy

Homer Bailey is a pretty popular subject on our blog. The reason is we really love the guy. So when reviewing some searches, it’s pretty easy for us to see that Homer stumbled on the blog earlier today to read about what we’ve been writing on him.

Notice the location of that search. Louisville, Kentucky. A certain AAA city that happens to be the spot where a certain young Bailey is throwing right now. Is that just a coincidence? We don’t think it is.

Best guess: someone told Homer to check out “Diamond Hoggers blog” and Homer got confused and searched for “Diamond Bloggers”. Good enough. Why didn’t we name it that in the first place!

Homer, when you read this we want you to know that we were completely pissed when you didn’t make the roster out of spring camp, and we think you have the stuff to be an ace in this game. The Reds need you and we’re some of your biggest fans. It goes without saying that the caricatures of you that we run are done in flattery and just as part of being a humor blog. Do not get bent out of shape, kid. Don’t spend your saturday evenings reading our junk. You got big league hitters to be frying and split tail to be chasin’ son!