Gigantosaur, he lives

So did you all hear about what Albert Pujols did today in St. Louis? Two swings, 7 RBI, and another Cardinals home win. You just can’t even imagine what a dominator this guy is. He went hitless yesterday (0 for 2) so you had to figure he was going to go out today and make someone hurt. That granny he hit today was his 7th career home run off Roy Oswalt. Its one thing to go out and shoot cripples. When you go out and consistently shit on a Roy Oswalt, you are really something boy.

When he’s swinging the bat well, which is about 145 games every season; there isn’t a pitch that you can throw him that can get him out. He is in your nightmares. He is everywhere you look. His swings can ruin careers (see Lidge, Brad). Tim Kurkjian saying that Gigantosaur will win the MVP award and Triple Crown might not look too stupid in a few months.

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