If the whole baseball thing doesn't work out, that Reds ballpark would make a hell of a Drive-in movie theatre

When you walk into Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park the first change you’re going to notice from the past is that the owner has sprung for some hot new High Definition screens. And they’re everywhere.

The digital screens have replaced the old manual flags that told division standings of yesteryear. At the same time, they probably told the flag changing guy that he was no longer needed, so they saved on that part of the budget. We still think they came out in the negative. Let’s hope for the NL Central part of these flags that the Reds’ Wishbone ‘C’ is atop that graphic for so long that a permanent outline is burned atop the television.

Here’s a view from around the Reds dugout of where all three NL division standings will be present all season.

And the left field wall scoreboard is now HD as well. We were wondering what will happen when someone hits a rockets off one of those HD screens later in the season? You could understand why they’d want one of the old light scoreboards out here right?