ESPN Experts' 2009 Picks

As tradition around here, on the day of baseball Christmas eve; we roll out some picks that we find around the web. Ours were made available bright and early this morning.

In case you haven’t seen yet, ESPN has rolled out their picks for the 2009 season this morning. Teams you will see as popular to win it all will be the Rays, Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Twins, Mets and Cubs among others.

Then there’s Enrique Rojas. He picks the Yankees to defeat the Reds in the World Series. We haven’t heard of Enrique Rojas, but dude we already really dig you. Jayston Stark has always been a guy we’ve liked and he picks the Reds as his darkhorse team and Joey Votto as his NL breakout player. Jerry Crasnick also likes the Reds as a breakout team but like Stark he is too afraid to say we’ll make the playoffs. Same thing with Pedro Gomez. And Jason Grey. And Tim Kurkjian, Keith Law, and Nate Ravitz (who feels Bruce will be the breakout player). We’ve never seen the Reds as the trendy pick to do something of relevancy so often in a preseason.

Peter Gammons says Dexter Fowler will be NL ROY and agrees with us that Grady Sizemore will win his first AL MVP. Gammons picked the Red Sox over the Mets in the series. SHOCKER.

Always interesting to look back and compare how you do with how ESPN does.

ESPN’s 2009 Expert Picks. [ESPN]