Throwing it around

It’s Final Four saturday. We remember just two years ago on this day we were at a Travelodge in Newport, Kentucky for one of the greatest weekends of our life. A case of beer (and White Castle sliders later) the Buckeyes were headed to the finals after disposing of Georgetown. We went out that night to the Hoffbrahaus and Arnies. That monday we hit up Opening Day. We got to watch Wrestlemania. It’s all repeating itself minus the big party. Stay tuned to the blog; it should make for an action packed few days. Oh and here’s some links. We’re going to try to do this more regularly (like every day type regularly):

-The Boston Red Sox are the #1 team in ESPN’s Preaseason Power Rankings. [ESPN]
-Mets won the Gary Sheffield sweepstakes. [The Wright Stache]
-Another complete NL preview. [More Harball]
-Jon Heyman gives us 30 breakout candidates and Jake Peavy trade speculation. [Sports Illustrated]
-‘Duk picks the Reds to finish second in the NL Central. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-Colorado is looking for some pitching help. [Purple Row]
-Getting philosophical about baseball, if you can handle that. [Vanity Fair]
-Austin Kearns looks like he’s hung onto the RF job in Washington by the skin of his teeth. [Nationals Enquirer]