One of our favorite sites is changing

We’ve done a lot of referencing the best baseball reference site on the net, Baseball-Reference. They house all stats, and all box scores of modern day baseball. We hate change, so when we found out they were moving their site over to a new beta site, it threw us into a tailspin.

When you can’t sleep at night, if you’re a baseball geek like we are; check out Baseball-Reference. We’re warning you though: you’ll spend way too much time looking up what Dale Murphy hit in 1987 and finding out what Hall of Famers Ray Lankford played with in his career. We do.

Also, check out the Stat of the Day blog, they come up with some very interesting finds of odd things that have occurred in the game of baseball. Today for instance, was most plate appearances for a pitcher in the DH era.

[Baseball-Reference Stat of the Day Blog]