Jeff Keppinger traded to Houston for PTBNL

We always liked scrappy Jeff Keppinger. Guy was never highly hyped or touted, but he hit at every level he’d ever played at including the Major Leagues. Keppinger was traded to the Houston Astros today as a result of a clog of Reds middle infielders.

“I’m just glad they didn’t release me,” Keppinger said. “I was going to ask if they were going to release me just because of my spring numbers.”

“It’s good,” Keppinger said. “Maybe the opportunity’s better for me over there. I might get a chance to play. Looking around here, it didn’t look like I would play too much. That’s kind of how my career has been. I always get roadblocked somewhere, and I go to a team that kind of needs something. Before you know it, they give me my shot to play.”

So we’ll miss those high socks and that closed stance. We’re fairly certain the guy will hit .350 against the Reds for the next 5 years in Houston. They’re getting a nice player.

Update: The Reds have until May 1 to select a Minor Leaguer to complete the deal.