Not much more the WBC could do to get us interested

Last night’s USA vs Puerto Rico showdown was probably a Hallmark moment for the entire World Baseball Classic.

This has been the moment that the event was waiting for. Something to get the country on board and interested. We have to say, in a big time showdown elimination game for David Wright to get a clutch hit and really play his ass off while putting team USA on his back to win in thrilling fashion, it gets us interested a little bit.

And this WBC stuff is so much better then Spring Training baseball. It really is. These guys are actually trying a bit harder. The innings and situations are meaningful. Guys play together in situations that they normally never would before and possibly never again. There’s no trades. Netherlands beats the evil empire Dominican Republic. The whole thing is really growing on us.

And it would be nice to see USA win the thing because they are by no means the favorite. It kind of reminds us of the Mighty Ducks movies, and we like that.