Inside the Home Run Apple at Citi Field

This is as close as most of you will get to the new home run apple at Citi Field, which is rumored to be pretty brutal in itself. Look, it’s not going to be Shea. They wanted to create something as far from that atmosphere as they could. They’re trying to keep up with the Yankes or at least not get totally shown up. The shame of it is, in all their efforts to do that and build a modern day ballpark not only did they tear down a classic but created a boring new park.

Here’s a comment about the new apple from the YouTube page:

To clarify..this is the NEW APPLE. The old apple is on display beyond the Right CF wall in the Bullpen Plaza, just inside the gate facing 126th Street and the Iron Triangle. It was cleaned up, and is now in great shape, however, while the new one cannot match its predecessors history, the former cannot match the new one in scale, design, beauty, and functionality.

Well thank you for that bit of information. I am glad we seem to have an expert on hand about New York Mets home run apples.