On Opening Day we'll beat the drum again

Due to our credentials, we’ve really lucked out again. We’ve been given a great and boundful opportunity just for having a blog. See why you should have one? For the 5th straight year we’re going to be going to Opening Day in Cincinnati. And we’ll be writing all about it for you all so you can see a little bit of the best tradition in the sport in the heart of our America.

Take a look back on 2007 and 2008 Opening Days. Expect us to do our best to try and top it with our coverage and stories this year.

Seriously do yourself a favor if you are a baseball. One time in your life, do what you have to do and in any town you are in snag some tickets to an MLB Opening Day game. Life is too short, and if you are a baseball fan you deserve the experience of showing up and feeling that intensity. Also if your team is second rate, you’ll never experience a postseason or World Series game most likely so this is as good as it gets.