MLB to protect A-Fraud jersey sales

MLB has banned the sale of an officially liscensed Yankees jersey with the inscription ‘A-Fraud’ on the back.

According to CNBC: has banned the new A-Rod nickname from the personalization feature on replica jerseys on spokesman Matt Gould told CNBC that the league does not allow fans to personalize products with anything that is deemed inappropriate, derogatory or profane.

Fans haven’t been able to personalize their jerseys on the site with the word “steroids” since 2005, but as of this afternoon, fans can get A-Rod’s drug of choice, “Boli,” on the back of jerseys. They can also get “Sucart,” the last name of A-Rod’s cousin, who has been part of the story.

Couple of things here. What kind of asshat is going to waste that kind of moolah in these tough economic times (unemployment rate soon to be at 15%) to make fun of a multi-fackin’ gazillionaire? If you are upset about this get over it.

Take the stance that CNBC just did, they’re giving you all great ideas if you must have a crafty and unique way to make fun of Rodriguez. Personally, we love the ‘Sucart’ rib. It’s a great touch. If you’re going to go there, don’t stop until you really go there.

How about a #13 jersey with ‘Roast Beef Madonna Pussy’ on the back? That would certainly get Alex rattled. Or how about ‘Cynthia’s tug jobs hurt’. There’s a number of other possibilities even thought baseball isn’t going to add to A-Rod’s recent misfortune.