It was only 1 spring training home run

Alright already. So Alex Rodriguez stepped up to the plate in today’s spring training opener and homered in the face of overwhelming negative crowd reaction. Kind of cool, but is it really that big of deal? If the guy is getting shit now, he’s most certainly going to be getting shit into April, June, and September. Let’s see how it all turns out. It’s a marathon folks.

This was today’s big story. You knew that had he not homered it was still the biggest story of the day: how would the crowds react to the fallen son of baseball?

And a little more wonder on the subject: why are fans so pissed at him? He sucks as a person. He’s been a scumbag for a while now, no? Why is it assumed now that crowds are going to hate him? I know a plethora of baseball fans that really don’t care either way. Stop following the rest of the crowd you field cows, you’re only booing when he steps up to the plate because the stranger next to you was doing it.

Move along, turn the page. The Alex Rodriguez garbage is putting me to sleep.