Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects in 2009

So in case you haven’t seen it, the Top 100 Prospects for 2009 have been released and are being now sponsored by Majestic.

Topping the list is Matt Wieters with David Price a close second. I think in the coming years one of the guys you’re going to see jumping up the list is Rays shortstop Tim Beckham. He’s projected to get to the show in 2012 but I think in the coming years he’ll be in the top 5 on this list and he’ll be pushing to get in the majors by next season at some point. I like that kid a lot from what I’ve read about him. Reminds me of the Uptons.

The lone Reds prospect in the top 100 is good old Todd Frazier; who is listed as a shortstop (what he played in college) a third baseman and a first baseman. I am pulling for him because we’re going to need his right handed bat sooner rather then later; and because he’s from my girlfriends hometown. He was the hype as she was growing up she says and I remember him on that Little League World Series title winner from Tom’s River, NJ years go. I do think there is a shot that once he gets into the big leagues we find out he’s Brandon Larson II.

So have a look. The great thing about prospects is that everyone has someone to be excited about no matter who you root for. If you’re a Yankees fan they’ll be dealt for an all-star of the present but still.

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