MLB 2k9 is looking to be a real gem of a game

Talk about jobs that we’d like to have. You have this guy who is employed by ESPN, and now he’s keeping a journal on his franchise in MLB 2k9 (a game which isn’t even released to the public until March 3rd) on ESPN’s pages.

What did ESPN do when giving him this assignment? Hand him a new Xbox 360, a flat screen, and a new glossy copy of MLB 2k9 starring Tim Lincecum, send him into a room with some Cheetos and ask him not to come out until he had a journal on several seasons?

Imagine his conversation with his wife:

“Honey how was your day at work?”

“A little stressful actually; the fucking Giants lost 9 in a row, I’m struggling on whether to hit my polygonal second baseman leadoff or 8th in the order. Oh and my thumb hurts from that damn joystick on the Xbox controller.”

And why did he have to go and trade for Lance Berkman like a nervous pervous? Don’t you hate those guys who make unrealistic trades? REAL ROSTERS! Keep REAL ROSTERS!

Still, MLB 2k9 is really looking to be one of the best baseball simulations ever created. We said that last year too.