Griffey Jr. is an Atlanta Brave

Ken Griffey Jr. has chosen to sign with the Atlanta Braves over the Seattle Mariners. The believed figures are around $2 million dollars for the year with escalators based on incentives and plate appearances.

As a baseball fan I wanted to see Junior return to Seattle for one last send off. I think the move made a lot more sense for the ballplayer but once the Braves entered the picture I knew this is where he’d end up. He’s just a short 1-hour plane ride from his family in Florida and the Braves will probably let Junior play Center field.

I could realistically see Junior rebound to hit 30 home runs but at the same time I could also see him hitting .250 and limping out his career here. It will be weird to see him in yet another uniform but I’m glad he isn’t retiring altogether. The game needs a few more moments from Griffey where he looks like that 23 year old who captivated the country that followed baseball. Even if it’s just for a flash or split second.