Throwing it around

Pitchers and catchers began to report today. That is one of the finest phrases in the English language. Let’s link some people and pass the time and soon we’ll have under 50 days to kill until we have meaningful baseball being played.

-Eric Wedge talks about the first official day of Spring Training. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]
-Alex Rodriguez is a tremendous dirtball. [Deadspin]
-Our old friend Zach Hample is getting air time on MLB Network. [The Baseball Collector]
-The Nationals introduce Adam Dunn, their new cleanup hitter. [Sports Illustrated]
-Dick Griffin tells lies to Blue Jays fans. [The Mockingbird]
-Will A-Rod be elected to the Hall of Fame? It’s time to speak your thoughts. [Blue Collar Baseball]
-Once again…… PTICHERS AND CATCHERS REPORTED TODAY! [Y! Sports Big League Stew]