Move over Bebop & Rocksteady, you got competition

Detroit Tigers fans, your time has arrived. I’m going to talk about your team and give you some major props. You see, I think Detroit for this year and this year only; have the two best offensive threats in baseball. And you can go ahead and name me two from other teams around the league that sound more imposing; just as I could. But when the curtain falls on 2009, no duo will have wreaked more havoc on major league pitching then Miguel Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez.

I was selecting keepers for my ultra important fantasy league the other day. I did not have the balls to let Miguel Cabrera go back into the pool for the fantasy draft. I think the only thing that can stop Cabrera from being the AL MVP this season is Grady Sizemore. And if Eric Wedge doesn’t hit Sizemore 3rd instead of leadoff, Cabrera is gonna be your most valuable in 2009.

People don’t realize what this guy did during the second half of last season because of the Tigers’ futility. After he figured out AL pitching he put up eye popping numbers, hitting well over .300 in the second half of the season.

Magglio Ordonez is an unreal run producer, and while many will say he’s had his day in the sun I think he’s going to stay healthy and give one final swan song in the elite category of players in the league. Say what you want about Ordonez, but in a park that isn’t condusive to big offensive numbers he’s simply went out and raked his whole career.

You wanna throw Albert Pujols and whoever in there somehow, or you want to talk about A-Rod and Texeira. Don’t give me that. No tandem out there is going to do what these pair of Motown sluggers will do in 2009; and they’ll do it for a team that still struggles to find its way in other areas of the game. Their protection of eachother in that lineup will flow into a beautiful crescendo of RBI’s and doubles. They’ll play every day and they’ll put up pinball game-like offensive numbers.

I think Cabrera will go for 45 homers, 130 RBI and hit .290 while Ordonez will hit .330 with 40 doubles, 35-38 homers and 120 RBI. Neither guy is going to steal too many bases at this stage in the game, but lets not forget they’re going to have a guy at the top of that lineup that is a poor man’s Grady Sizemore in Curtis Granderson.

So get ready for a gun show at Comerica this summer.