Jay Bruce hosts MLB Network's Hot Stove

Tonight Jay Bruce was the guest on MLB Network’s main host show. Man this show grows on us every time we see it. They did a really nice 2009 preview on the Cincinnati Reds and reviewed the 2008 season.

They opened up the show with Jay Bruce playing pepper with Harold Reynolds and Sean Casey on that sweet ass model baseball field. Then they went into their news around the league and it seemed like they talked about every team in MLB. Nothing like Baseball Tonight which is just overall more broad and not as in-depth.

Then they began to interview Bruce. They talked about his big opening week. They talked about what he felt when the Reds traded Griffey and Dunn. Bruce said that while he grew up emulating Griffey’s mannerisms, the big loss was Dunn because he knew him previously and had been working out with him.

They asked him his thoughts on A-Rod’s steroid admission and Harold Reynolds put him on the spot a little. You could tell Bruce was a bit disappointed in A-Rod’s admitting of steroid use. He says that he’s always liked to watch A-Rod play but not necessarily looked up to him. Says A-Rod has flat out raked since entering the league as a rookie. Bruce says that with the 103 names that were initially dirty in 2003, it should aid in getting steroids out of the game for good with all the testing that goes on in the minor leagues and major leagues now. Bruce said that he doesn’t try to put too much pressure on himself by just going out and playing.

Later in the show they were on that model field and Bruce and Sean Casey went through their routines for their at-bats. Harold and Casey teased Bruce about his ‘wave’ each at bat. Then Harold Reynolds started soft tossing him balls that he effortlessly roped all over the studio while carrying on a full conversation. I just kept thinking to myself that too many people who are watching this don’t know how hard that is. Harold and Casey ended the segment by teasing that Bruce can’t grow facial hair.