Reds sign a couple fringe guys

A week or so ago, Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty anounced that the organization at this point was looking at ‘fringe’ guys. The Reds have found their fringe guys, in every sense of the word.

The Reds have signed Daryl Ward and Jacque Jones. Both guys were absolutely terrible last season. Jones (a guy I’d always pick up off the waiver wire in fantasy baseball somehow) actually has strung together a pretty good career, but his best years are probably behind him.

Daryl Ward has never been an every day big leaguer and he’s been pretty poor for most of his career even as a part timer. Both guys are left handed hitters which really is the most puzzling part of the deal. The Reds needed a right handed stick of some type in the worst way. Now in the outfield you’re going to have Bruce, Hairston Jr., Taveras, Gomes, and either Jones or Lance Nix. Hopefully Jones is good enough in spring training (and healthy enough) to keep the abhorrent Nix off the team.

I wondered whether these two signings were even worthy of a post. But what the hell. It’s February and there is nothing going on.