Bill James predicts monster year for Bruce in 2009

Bill James is a trusted source among baseball circles. That’s why with his latest projection of Jay Bruce for the 2009 season, we became very excited.

James believes that Bruce will have numbers that look like this: 159 games, 587 at-bats, 174 hits, 30 doubles, 4 triples, 35 home runs, 94 runs, 90 RBI, and 12 stolen bases. James feels that Bruce will hit .296, which would be staggering.

We feel that these predictions are a little bit accelerated or lofty; but we know The Deal is capable. We’d be happy with anything close to this although we do expect him to eclipse the 30 home run plateau this upcoming season.

It’s still nice to know that Bill James thinks this highly of our young talented outfielder.