Take the deal Manny

The Dodgers have made a final offer to Manny Ramirez, and it is a very gracious offer in itself. Los Angeles has offered Ramirez a 1-year, $25 million dollar deal to return to Los Angeles next season. The Dodgers have given Ramirez a 24-hour deadline to accept the deal or they will presumably let him walk away.

And Ramirez needs to take this deal. This is a mega-deal in terms of one year deals that are sure to finish up free agency. Ramirez isn’t a young pup anymore. Dollars like this are hard to come by even in the sports world today. If he goes out and once again makes a joke of national league pitching and helps the Dodgers get back to the postseason, it would probably lead to a 3 or 4 year contract.

But to turn down this deal would show absolute greed and stupidity by Ramirez. He needs to realize the one year deal is a strength for him not a weakness. It allows him to keep his options open. It’s not exactly a great move on the Dodgers part in our opinion. That $25 million dollars could fill a lot of holes, and it is a team that is far from without holes.

We have to think “Money” Ramirez takes this deal and is back in LA next season.