I just remembered who we get Opening Day

Now that the Super Bowl and football season have come to their conclusion, we’re next up. So as we began thinking about Opening Day on April 6th, when the Reds will welcome the New York Mets to what in all likelihood will be a cold and rainy environment on that monday afternoon in Cincinnati; we suddenly remembered who will be the Mets Opening Day starter.

And while everyone throws an “ace” on Opening Day, we once again realized with the way we hit lefthanders; and the way Johann Santana usually pitches, that the Cincinnati Reds are almost a sure bet to begin the season 0-1.

Plus it gives Dusty Baker a reason to hit Johnny Gomes in the clean-up spot, and hit Joey Votto and Jay Bruce (our only real threats) 7th and 8th in the lineup. And we anticipate the excitement for Opening Day will last right up until about the 2nd inning of the ballgame. The joys of being a Reds fan are endless.