The Diamond Hoggers Combo

We’re sure many of our readers out there enjoy coffee. The big boy out there right now is Starbucks. Sure they jack their price up to the point where you bitch about it, but you usually drive the extra mile because it tastes better. Once you start drinking it you will never touch that pot of office coffee again. It’s true.

That said, judging by the search terms that lead many readers to Diamond Hoggers our readership also includes a fair amount of dippers. They often find there way here wondering about Marlboro Dip, or to get our thoughts on Kodiak. Many have a curiosity about Skoal Peach.

Whether you’re a dipper or a coffee drinker we’d like to recommend a combination to you. Now, hear us out here. There are a lot more smokers out there then there are dippers. But smoking, it’s bad for your lungs. It makes your breath smell bad. It gets on other people. If you smoke, you’re going to have a lot harder time bagging a chick then if you occasionally enjoy a dip. While dipping is not a safe alternative–it is a better alternative. We’re not here to argue. It just is. Many smokers enjoy a cigarette (or three) following a coffee to break up their day and the stresses it brings. We would like to recommend a different combo.

We’d like those individuals to go down to their local convenience shop and buy a can of Skoal, preferably Mint or Straight. If you are a dipper, go get yourself a cup of coffee. Drink the coffee, and then insert yourself a nice hogleg. After that, sit in your office cubicle and prepare for about 40 minutes of the best buzz you’ve ever had. It’s euphoric. No one will know you’re dipping! You will be staving off heart attacks almost instantly by throwing those cigarettes in the shitcan. At first you might feel a little wired, but that is good. Just push through it. You will grow and learn to like it.

If you don’t practice any of these habits, don’t start. But if you do any of them, try this combination. It is sure to be an uplifting exercise.

Ok, back to baseball.