Torre slams A-Rod, Steinbrenner in new book

I don’t think Joe Torre ruined anything. How could he possibly ruin it by telling the truth? Sure, Torre may have violated some of the ‘one of the boys’ clauses that come with being part of a clubhouse in the big leagues, this is just confirmation of what many already believed went on behind closed doors.

We’re refferring to a weekend story, Joe Torre is set to come out with a book titled The Yankee Years. In that book Torre talks about Alex Rodriguez having a “single white female” obsession with Yankees captain Derek Jeter and how Yankee teammates called Rodriguez “A-Fraud”.

This book should be a good read. It’s co-written by one of the finest baseball writers in the country, Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci. It is a 477-page firsthand account of Torre’s time in New York and all that came with it. Bronx folk are going to look at the situation and feel that Torre sold them out for a lucrative book deal. Yankee fans aren’t going to be forthcoming in admitting if they enjoy the book or not. They’ll be concerned with how it will affect their current roster, as a fair amount of those guys played for Torre. We look at it as, the guy gave you 12 years of being a father figure to all those big babies in the Bronx. He doesn’t owe you a thing more. And to be honest, of what has leaked so far, it doesn’t sound like he is: a) lying; or b) telling us anything we didn’t assume already.

Despite who is currently wearing pinstripes, Yankee fans should side with Torre; or at least lighten the blow a little bit. He’s going to be a far more proud symbol of Yankee tradition in 25 years then Alex Rodriguez will be.