This is our big RH bat signing. This is my nightmare

This whole offseason Reds fans actually bought into the fact that Walt Jocketty and Bob Castellini would go out and get a big time bat to help out youngsters Jay Bruce and Joey Votto. They even kicked around names like Magglio Ordonez. It looks like this is as good as its going to get.

The Reds signed Johnny Gomes to a minor league contract. It might as well have been a major league deal because we all know that he’ll sure as shit be on the opening day roster.
And his claim to fame was surviving a heart attack.
Every year the Reds go out and find a broken down outfielder and try to sift him into gold. Or they’ll go find a broken down pitcher who has had Tommy John 3 times and think that they can turn him into a Cy Young contender. This is that move.
Welcome aboard this sinking ship Johnny.