Not sure why we hated Todd Benzinger so much

But my Lord did we loathe this guy. Maybe our most hated player ever. And we’re not sure why as a 7-year old this guy just pissed us off to no end.

We remember sitting on the couch watching the Reds in the 1990 World Series, wanting them to win with all of our hearts. And then up came Todd Benzinger to home plate to shit in our birthday cake. He never did squat in that World Series to our defense, hitting just .182 in 11 at-bats.

Surely there is worse ballplayers. We’re sure that Benzinger is a fairly nice man. But even as a kid our suspicion was right. In 1989 Todd Benzinger led big leaguers in one category, outs; with 498 recorded. Hideous.

Todd Benzinger career stats. [Baseball Reference]