'Markickass' is officially the face of Oriole baseball

Today the Orioles signed Nick Markakis to a 6-year, $66 million dollar deal. This makes the 25 year old Markakis the young centerpiece of the moribund franchise, and thus the reason that they’re going to remain in the shitter for the forseeable future.

Our take is that while a pretty solid ballplayer thus far, he’s not a superstar. And you’ve got by far the most tight ass owner in the game handing out an enormous contract as far as Oriole standards go to a guy who probably will always be a nice table setter but never a guy who brings home the actual dinner.

Whats the matter Orioles? Did you not bring home any quality free agent to butts in the seats so you’re going to pawn off to your poor fans that locking up Markakis long-term will be the first step to restoring them to respectability in the powerhouse division of the AL? This sounds like something the Reds would attempt, only they’re not even this smart.

Once again, he’s a nice player. We might even try to snipe him in our upcoming fantasy baseball league. But once again, a franchise saver he is not and will not be.