For one night, Juan Gone and the Rangers were Kings

Juan Gonzalez was not a hideous ballplayer. He was actually quite good for most of his career. What qualifies this man for hideous infamy is that he once turned down an 8 year, $140 million dollar contract (it would have just ended a season ago) from the Detroit Tigers. Gonzalez didn’t want to play in Comerica Park and thought he could make even more money on the open market. He went on and played for the Long Island Ducks after an injury. He made his way back to the top of the baseball mountain with the Indians with the help of steroids and diluted pitching staffs.

Now another thing that is hideous is in the above video is the only postseason win in Texas Ranger postseason history. That will probably stand for a while.

And you’ve got to love Bob Costas after that home run by Gonzalez.

“And George Steinbrenner might want to check to the deed, because Juan Gonzalez owns the Yankees.”

Talk about winning the battle and losing the war. The Yankees made a living out of beating the Rangers in the postseason. Looking back, we think quite honestly that Steinbrenner would tell Bob Costas to eat shit at that moment. He had Juan Gone and the Rangers where he wanted them all along.