Sneak Preview for a Week We Can't Wait to Begin

Pictured above is shortstop John Mcdonald. Photo was taken by John’s mother before a spring training practice last march. John’s lunch that day was peanut butter and jelly along with a fruit roll up; and a capri sun.

John is the epitome of a hideous big leaguer. He’s coming up on big league season number 11. He’s a career .236 hitter with 9 home runs. Known for his glove, he sports a career fielding percentage of .971, which is pretty mundane.

John is coming off a season which he carved up American league pitching to a tune of a .210 batting average to go along with 10 walks. His claim to fame is he was the “pie guy” in Cleveland when Omar Vizquel was where ground balls went to die.

Yeah, the pie guy. You know, the 25th guy on the roster who never played and never did shit except after the game when the press was interviewing guys who contributed, Mcdonald would run by with a shaving cream (someone else’s shaving cream) and throw it in the face of the game’s star each night.

Hats off John.