Next week is Hideous Ballplayer Week at Diamond Hoggers

Next week you’ll want to be sure to stop by and be part of hideous ballplayer week at Diamond Hoggers. Beginning on Monday, we’ll review the career of players whose only area of excellence was hiding in the shadows of obscurity and role-playing.

People don’t realize that it is these smaller name and fame ballplayers who make baseball the greatest sport on earth. Often times these guys earn more of an allegiance from fans then superstars; possibly because we can relate to them and they are closer to being like us all even as professionals.

Have a player who played for your favorite team who you see fit as the ultimate obscure player? Submit that player to Diamond Hoggers for Hideous Ballplayer Week, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll do some research on your entry, with the better ideas appearing on the site.