Throwing it Around

Snowy tuesday here in Ohio. Kind of day that I used to go to an open gym and hit in the batting cages for hours. With blistered hands I’d think about how the warm weather, spring training trips and mini skirts were just around the corner. But around the corner from that was something even better. The crack of the bat and the smell of pine tar. Here’s some good baseball linkage:

-The Braves have signed Derek Lowe. Makes sense. He’s a guy who could turn into a star with Mazzone. [Talkin’ Chop]
-Smoltzy, introduced as a Red Sox. [Extra Bases]
-The patch that will appear on the Mets uniform this season leaves a lot to be desired. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-The Reds interest in Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu? Not much. And that is why we will continue our brutality. [Hot Stove Blog]
-MLB is going to open an officially liscensed restaurant in Tokyo. [Baseball Toaster]
-Pirates minicamp in Bradenton is about to get underway. [PBC Blog]
-Still no Hall of Fame for Mcgwire, and what does that say? [Deadspin]