MLB 2k9 early features

Being an owner of an Xbox 360, we’re forced to buy the 2k Sports version of their baseball sim. If we owned a Playstation 3 we would be able to buy MLB 09 the Show. Last year we were handcuffed after buying this game and forced to get over all of the glitches and pretend is was actually fun. Glitches such as the game constantly being too hard or too easy based on what difficulty level you had it set to.

This year’s game of MLB 2k9 has several new features. No official word yet on whether or not the game has improved on its overall brutality level but basically this will be the last opportunity for 2k Sports to save the game in our eyes and be the official video game of Diamond Hoggers.

One feature we’re prematurely excited about is called ‘Real-time living world’.

In a sentence it means: Anything that happens in a baseball stadium happens in 2K9 in Real Time.

  • Players will move from the dugout to the batter’s box and from the bullpen to the mound.
  • Players warm up by throwing around the horn, bat swinging practice, etc.
  • Umpire, ball boys, coaches – All onfield personnel will be moving naturally to and from their positions.
  • Celebrations – Players will react properly to a regular end-game to walkoff home run, to no-hitter and World Series celebration.
  • Vendors move in the crowd
  • Fans react to home runs and foul balls

That’s terrific. But if the computer can still golf balls off the outside corner into the stands for a pull job home run, and we still can’t hit a ball out of the infield on the hardest difficulty, we’ll be extremely pissed.

Also, is it too much to ask to get a custom face scan for The Deal?