Aparently Donny from Newark is a Giants fan

Here you see evidence as to why we started the Donny from Newark series. This has little to do with baseball (other then the fact that a bat is used in the video) and a lot more to do with the tough New Yorka’ fans dat you’s oughta not fuck wit’.

Donny from Newark is seen after the Giants loss, harmlessly (mostly) kicking a car that is certainly not his own. Then his leg goes through the whole window.

Then his friend comes over silently with a baseball bat, crushes the windshield of an SUV, and then stealths away with a look on his face that says ‘take dat yous fuckin Philly punks. (spits toughly, stares some more)’.

Then you hear Donny yell “Come on lets get the fuck out of here!”

The people in the video scatter like roaches and ‘dats dat’.

Go here when the video takes a shit.