Strictly Rumor: Barry Bonds in Red?

This is strictly rumor at this point. We’re checking our sources to see what comes up. And it’s the type of thing where we don’t care either way (I guess it would be cool to get some national recognition for a season)

Cincinnati – Inside source says the Reds have made it clear that they want Barry Bonds to play left field for them this season.

General manager Walt Jocketty and manager Dusty Baker presented this scenario to Bonds and his agent at the winter meeting in December and received a strong positive response.

Bonds in an interview early last week made it clear that he remains adamantly interested in the Reds. Dusty and I have a great relationship and I would not be opposed to working for him again, says Bonds.

As you know we need another bat in our lineup and Bonds would be a great addition to our team, Dusty says. But will the Reds be able to open up their pocket books far enough to lure Bonds to Cincinnati. Bonds has had conversations with other teams, but said nothing is imminent. Bonds stated, “I’m moving forward with my life in hopes that I will find a team before the season starts.

Take it FWIW at this point. It could just be some ass throwing crap at the wall to see if it sticks.