A Country Boy Can Survive the Offseason

It’s always the most random of anecdotes that really become catchy about certain ballplayers. Especially our favorite ballplayers. It was something that Adam Dunn became infamous for while we followed his career in Cincinnati. But today it’s our new favorite player who has graced us with a wonderful piece of randomness. The story comes from a Cincinnati Reds message board we frequent.

My dad is participating in the fantasy camp and today they had the guys who are going, along with family if wanted, to come down, tour the clubhouse, etc. and those in the camp took some BP in the cages under the stadium.

First off, for some reason Jay Bruce has a statue of Hank Williams Jr. in his locker. Bronson (Arroyo) still has the spanish 61 name plate in his locker(however you pronounce it) Ryan Hanigan likes to leave his jock strap lying around in his locker for all to see during the offseason, and Brandon Phillips has some really nice sneakers that he left behind.

We were always fans of Hank Williams Jr. and were known to sing him late into the night back into our college days after a few alcoholic soda pops. But we still ask: now why would he have a statue of Hank Williams Jr. in his locker? Classic.
Just like Adam Dunn (a fellow Texan like Bruce) you are playing in the right big league city, Jay. If there was ever any doubt before, there is no longer.