Throwing it around

First post of 2009 and we’ll throw it around and touch on some MLB highlights, as if there really is any during the heat of the NFL Playoffs, the NBA season, the NHL, and after many key free agents have been signed. Stil–the torch is lit and with 91 days until opening day we keep it rockin’ like we know how until the first crack of the bat this glorious spring.

-The Yankees have some plans on how to unveil their shiny new Teixeira. [NY Daily News]
-And here’s a look at the 2009 Yankees roster. They’ll be named preseason champions for sure. [Bombers Beat]
-Rating managers by intentional walks. [Fire Jim Bowden]
-Checking in with our old buddy Curt Schilling, who tells us about all his trips. [38 Pitches]
-Brian Fuentes is an Angel, the team he rooted for growing up. [Denver Post Rockies]
-Thoughts on the Reds move to pick up Wily Taveras. [Chris Sabo’s Goggles]
-Good write up on A.J. Burnett from a Toronto fan. He won’t be missed. [The Mockingbird]