This defines a match made in Heaven

The Mick. We couldn’t go on any longer without having something on this site about the Mick. And of course it is going to involve some type of booze.

The Mick is playing pinball, with salmon colored shirt, vest, and beer gut in full view. Great acting by the “New Yorka” who applauds Mick’s switch to Natural Light. Donny from Newark would be so proud.

“Except we don’t fuckin’ drink Natchural Lite. We only drink da fuckin’ Yueng Leng here in Jersey. Natchural Lite is fuh pussies and poor fulks. NOW CHUG! AM I RIGHT?”

Ahhhhh, Natural Light. To think I spent four years of my life in college (and another few afterwards) convincing myself that this was good beer worthy of well, anything. Time, money, hangovers, poor decisions. Those things are all fine. But make sure that a quality liquor is the cause, not Natural Light. One thing I will say about Natural Light is that it doesn’t give you the shits like Milwaukee’s Best and it’s smoother than Pabst Blue Ribbon. It’s like water and if you can stand to drink about 10 or 12 of these little buggers, you will be feeling alright. But don’t do that. Be an adult, and invest the money in a nice 6-pack of something that tastes a little better and isn’t scraped out of the bottom of the brewing barrel. Or you’ll end up like the Mick.