"I think I want my money back"

You have to love the Red Sox (not really) and their futile attempt to acquire the finest shortstop in the game, you know after letting him slip away from their own grasp several years ago.

The Marlins were said to be most interested in a center fielder, and discussions apparently centered on Boston’s promising youngster Jacoby Ellsbury, talented pitching prospect Clay Buchholz and others in a package for Ramirez, who began in Boston’s organization.

Sorry Massholes, but it doesn’t work that way. There’s no mulligans in baseball and no matter how many poor men’s Grady Sizemore’s and Bucholz’s you offer up, you can’t have him back. If the Marlins did something like this after having Ramirez sign his new deal at the site of the future home plate of the team’s new stadium, I might vomit and vomit some more.

Personally, I don’t think Taylor Bucholz is all that special. I really don’t. What part of 18-21 with a 4.42 ERA in his career gets teams hot and bothered about this guy? Elsbury is a nice player but he’s not far from being 30 years old. In addition to that, Hanley Ramirez is a guy you do not trade. Like, as in future Hall of Famer do not trade. Isn’t anything sacred in this game anymore? These aren’t baseball cards we’re talking about! These are high octane racehorse assets. You don’t just go dealing guys like you’re playing Madden football on playstation. The Red Sox need to be slapped on the hands just for thinking it could happen.

It’s a classic case of the Yankees making a splash and the Red Sox scrambling–trying to win a ‘who’s Johnson is bigger contest’. Well I have news for you Red Sox nation: while you are watching the NFL playoffs this season with your 11-5 Patriots sitting at home, you can’t have Hanley. He belongs to the Marlins now. You had him, and because of your own organizations philosophy of living fo the moment trading future Hall of Famers for guys of the present you lost him forever. Sucks.