Yankees sign Teixeira and continue their holiday shopping spree

Ok dude. You’ll probably see the end of this 8-year, $180 million dollar deal. And there’s a no-trade clause. How long till the Yankees are paying a Teixeira tax so that Tex will veto his no-trade clause so they can go get the next hot commodity in a few years.

As a Yankees fan I don’t understand how its even fun anymore. You go out, spend $424 million dollars in the offseason and bring in the finest free agents money can buy to add to your already star studded collection of players who couldn’t get it done last season.

How are teams like the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates supposed to compete? I’m not crying to go to Bud Selig to do something (I’d never reccomend that) but at what point is this going to stop?

Every time I think that I’m not gonna hate the Yankees, I end up hating the Yankees and rooting against them and wanting them to lose. This upcoming season, we will have a bounty on the Yankees and track every low moment. They deserve it.