Throwing it around

The Winter Meetings are in full force at the Belagio in Las Vegas. Every team wants to do something noteworthy and make the big splash to sell some tickets. Who’s going to jump out and make the first big move? It remains to be seen. No doubt, the economy is having an effect as some teams are having stage fright at the altar with their targeted free agents.

-The Cubs are intent on landing Jake Peavy. [Deadspin]
-More on Jermaine Dye for Homer Bailey. [The Real Mccoy]
-The Mets are close to signing Francisco Rodriguez. Not good news for fans of NL teams. [New York Post]
-Lou Piniella is still baffled on why his Cubs were swept out of the playoffs. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-The 10 darkest days in Chicago Cubs history. [InGameNow]
-And as of this morning the Cubs are very close to making Jake Peavy a Cubbie. More bad news for NL Central fans. [Hardball]
-The Yankees are putting together a $30 million dollar offer for Ben Sheets. [NY Daily News]
-A few more kick around type information pieces from the winter meetings. [Extra Bases]