Ticket Prices Won't Be Raised in Queen City

The Cincinnati Reds Owner Bob Castellini believes that due to poor performance last season by his franchise, “ticket prices won’t be raised even $1.”

Now how refreshing is this? With everything going on in sports today that seemingly sticks it to the fan, and in a sport that has made that practice almost annually regular, the Reds go the other way.

The club had a disappointing 74-88 season in 2008, and spokeswoman Karen Forgus said Reds chief executive Bob Castellini felt strongly that ticket costs shouldn’t go up even one dollar, given the way the team played.

The last time the Reds held the line on prices was in 2005.

I know I like this move, and it will ensure that I get to as many games as last season and if the Reds are decent, I’ll get to more. You know that is what the Reds are thinking. It’s a wise call. I know my salary isn’t going to go up for next year. Most people’s will not in this time of economic hardship. So who is going to suffer? People aren’t going to shell out money they don’t have to see a 74-88 ballclub. Castellini knows that as many people will still come out if ‘X’ variable (price) remains the same and ‘Y’ variable remain the same (performance of ballclub). The man didn’t get to be a big whig by lacking knowledge in simple economics. If ‘Y’ improves the Reds will profit from last season. Winning sells. Thumbs up for the Redlegs.

Now, how variable ‘Z’ will be affected (who the Reds go and get in free agency, namely a RH power bat) is yet to be seen.

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