Throwing it around

TGIF, Hoggers. Hope you’re ready for a big weekend and when the weekend comes to an end the MLB Winter Meetings will be in full force. We’ll be reporting and reacting to all that stuff and you can expect your favorite team to at least consider making a move or two. Some guys will be wearing different garb by this time next week. Here’s some links for those that made the cut:

-The Mets prefer K-Rod as their next closer. Big stunner there. [MLB Trade Rumors]
-Brian Cashman meets with CC Sabathia, and Teixeira is next. [NY Times Bats Blog]
-Alex Rodriguez will play for Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. [Sports By Brooks]
-The economy is putting a hurt on the market. [Rocky Mountain News]
-The top 10 prospects in the Seattle Mariners organization as of right now. [U.S.S. Mariner]