DH Video Select: The OJ Chase

I don’t know why, but for some reason a friend and I have probably watched the above clip a thousand times in the past few months. I don’t know how we found it or what really tickled our fancy about OJ’s chase in that Tonka truck, but we listen to it over and over and over again while playing video games and laugh until we nearly pee ourselves. In commemerance of OJ’s newest troubles and
sentencing today, we have decided to pick apart OJ’s low speed chase (with driver Al Cowlings) on DH.

OJ: “If I hurt somebody…… I’m not gonna hurt anybody”


OJ (Green eggs and ham): “I just wanna go with me. I just wanna be with Nicole. I wanna do it at her grave (kill self), I wanna do it in a field, I wanna do it at my HOUSE!”

Then you have baldy detective Tom Lange acting as a motivational speaker:

OJ: “I can’t do this!”

Tom Lange: “Yes you can! Oh yes you can!”

Tom, thanks for talking a murderer out of doing himself in. I mean really. Thanks for building him up and telling him time and time again what a man he is and how admired he is, and how his driver A.C. Cowlings loves him.

I’m sure you all won’t find the humor in it that we did. But then again, just listen to OJ belly-ache and talk about how tired he is from the whole ordeal that took place in So-Cal so many years ago. It’s a lot of work double-murdering your wife and her boyfriend isn’t it?