Are you a bleacher bum? Are you a big league stat head? Well you can pre-order Baseball Prospectus 2009 right now, and while it won’t be available in time to go under your holiday tree, it will be in your hands by February 16, 2009. Now, why are we shilling for a book that has not contacted us about any type of sponsorship/partnership deals? Well one day last winter we sat down at the local bookstore and instead of reading fantasy magazines we read Baseball Prospectus 2008. It was pretty accurate and pretty interesting. It’s like a scout’s guide for the upcoming year. It previews organization’s down the pipeline. If you feel like you’re lacking on your team’s prospect info, then you should give it a whirl. Wives who need baseball gifts for their husbands? This might be your answer. Basically, we think its that interesting of a work. [Amazon]