Cy Lincecum

This guy was our pick all along to win the NL Cy Young award. Impressive performances by CC Sabathia and Johann Santana aside, Lincecum was the only real choice. He did it all on a bad team as well.

Lincecum’s numbers: 18-5 with a 2.62 ERA and led the NL in winning percentage (.783) and strikeouts (265).

Lincecum became only the second Giant to capture the Cy Young, joining 1967 winner Mike McCormick, and the first second-year player to earn the distinction since right-handers Dwight Gooden of the Mets and Bret Saberhagen of Kansas City secured the 1985 awards in their respective leagues.

This guy, at 24 years of age; well he has a pretty limitless future ahead of himself. If the Giants can mount any kind of offensive lineup around him and some complementary pitchers on that staff, they’re going to have a shot at the playoffs. We look forward to seeing how this career progresses through the years. He will get a crack at some big postseason starts down the line.