Your 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies

Game 5 part ii was not short on drama. The teams traded blows, had a runner thrown out at the plate, and the Rays stranded a runner on second in the 9th as Brad Lidge ended it with a strikeout. Philadelphia has their first baseball championship tonight since 1980. What that town must be like on South Street tonight.

So in the end, whats the take home message of these 2008 Philadelphia Phillies? They beat what seemed to be a team of destiny in the Rays. Everyone said before this series that Tampa Bay was the superior team, and I agreed; but knew Philadelphia would prevail. Experience trumps all at this level in the postseason and this was the first dance for many more of the Tampa players. Then you look at Charlie Manuel, he’s had a world’s more of postseason experience in comparison to Joe Maddon.

The difference is that this was Philly’s one ride at the top of the mountain. Tampa Bay will have more chances. Maybe they never get back to this zenith, but they will have more staying power than the Phillies.

So for Utley, Howard, Lidge, Victorino, Stairs, Hamels, and Rollins; you live on in Philadelphia sports immortality.

The baseball offseason has officially started. Get that hot-stove ready.