Throwing it around: Phillies World Champions Edition

The Phillies are world champions! If you’re a fan, enjoy today. You’re most likely experiencing something that I will never be lucky to feel again. What it feels like when you are the best franchise in the world’s most captivating and dominant sport. At least people from the south side of Chicago know they’re in my shoes as well.

Here is the best of what is being strung about the interwebs today, pertaining to that rowdy little victory in Philly last night:

-A pretty good post from a guy I don’t get along with, nor like. That’s when you know it’s good stuff. [Deadspin]
-The Phillies Zone goes on record. [The Phillies Zone]
-It’s Phinally party time in Philadelphia! [Sports Illustrated]
-Rays fan, you just like; took a bottle to the head and shit. [YouTube]
-Hot off the press over at Bugs. [Bugs & Cranks]
-“The difference between this Phillies team and so many of the teams of the past is that for this team, even if you wouldn’t quite let yourself believe it until you saw it, instead of waiting to see them lose we’ve been waiting to see them win.” [Phillies Flow]
-Second place, best in show, awarded to….. [Rays Index]
-Girls, 20 of them, all Phillies fans. [Uncoached]