It's Officially the Offseason

Get your wood-burning stove ready. It was an action packed 2008, and if you’re a big baseball fan you were not ready for it to come to an end. But we all know that for the true baseball bleacher bum, you’re never ready to concede that it’s not baseball season.

We’ve got a lot of things planned for this offseason to keep you entertained. Some surprises. Some interviews. Some off-topic rambling about stuff that pertains to your everyday life. We’re trying to get a weekly podcast show up and running (if you think you can help us get off the ground with podcasting, send us an email to diamondhoggers_at_gmail_dot_com. We would be in debt to you forever). We will keep it rockin’ like only we know how here at Diamond Hoggers. Before we know it, there will be flowers blooming, and spring blossoms, and girls wearing short shorts once again. The crack of the bat isn’t that far off. So add us to your favorites and check back daily, you won’t be disappointed.

With 158 days until Opening Day 2009, you’ll need to do something to pass the time.